About Us

Founded in 2001, PCI‘s corporate headquarters is in Detroit, MI, with offices in Ohio and Florida. We specialize in Industrial Process Automation, SCADA, System Integration and Process Optimization solutions, instrumentation and controls consulting, project management and oversight, construction management, engineering, technical and information technology (IT) hausarbeiten kaufen services. We are vertically integrated around Industrial Process Automation from Design, engineering, programming, telemetry, system startup and maintenance. Our Industry focus is Water/Wastewater, Automotive and Petrochemical.

We have Designed, Engineered, programmed and started up systems in all aspects of a system’s lifecycle – new installations, rehabilitation or replacement, additions and improvements, equipment maintenance, and personnel services. We cover a range of project types, both in the construction and professional engineering services for ghostwriter instrumentation and SCADA Systems.

PCI has been engaged to write control Standards for PLC and DCS systems. PCI staff includes Licensed Engineers, Project Management Professionals, Certified Automation Professionals, ISA Technicians, electricians, and our arbeiten schreiben lassen programmers. Our customers call our staff to provide 24/7 maintenance and emergency response. Our Municipal and Governmental clients are generally east of the Mississippi. We have serviced Chicago to the West, Louisiana to the South, New York City to the East, and several communities in further South in Florida.